Quit Smoking to Become a Multi-Millionaire

It's all over the news, smoking are now banned in public places in Metro Manila and for a while it became a hot topic for debate between the smokers and non-smokers.

I used to smoke a lot before. On the average, I consumed 1.5 packs or 30 sticks per day of Marlboro Red from 2001 up to 2007. When I arrived in South Korea in 2007, the price of cigarette is 2500 won or P100 per pack Then I started to get sick probably due to cold weather during autumn and winter plus aggravated by my chained smoking habits. But what makes me finally decided to let go of my smoking habit is the price...I was astonished by the amount that I can save if I stop smoking...

If you are a smoker and at the same time dreaming of becoming a Peso Multi-Millionaire, this is the chance you are waiting for...quit smoking and invest the amount you save...if you don't believe me see the calculation below:

There you see it, in 30 years you can earn:
if you smoke 20 sticks per day you will earn: P3,211,503 if you quit
if you smoke 10 sticks per day you will earn: P1,605,751 if you quit
if you smoke 5 sticks per day you will earn:   P802, 876 if you quit.

Did I forget to tell you that No Smoking  have health benefits too?

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