Philam Strategic Growth Fund

For introduction to cost averaging, please read the post: Easy Investing Strategy in Mutual Funds or UITF.

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Philam Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. is an equity mutual fund managed by Philam Asset Management, Inc. The investment objective of this fund is to provide investors with capital growth in the long run through investments in equity securities or stocks.

Fund Facts
Incorporation Date: 22 Jun 1998
Minimum investment: P10,000
Minimum additional investment: P1,000
Sales Load or Entry Fee : 5% for investment amount of P10,000 to 99,999
                                        3% for investment amount of P100,000 to 999,999
                                        2% for investment amount of P1Million and above.
Investment period to wave exit fee: 2 years
Early exit fee: 1.0% if less than 1 year
                     0.5% for more than 1 year but less than 2 years.
                     0.0% 2 years or above
Annual Management Fee: 1.5% (included already in daily NAVPS).

Below is a case study on peso cost averaging(PCA) in Philam Strategic Growth Fund. The mechanics of the investment is as follow:
1. A fixed amount of P10,000 is invested every quarter. There are 2 cases, 10-years (2001-2010) and 5-years (2006-2010)
2. No amount will be withdrawn during the entire period.

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