Stop Complaining and Do Something to Improve Your Finances

Stop pointing fingers and be responsible to yourself!

These past few days I’m observing and trying to study how news are written in order to improve my skills and create a more interesting post for my blog. While doing this, I started reading the comments section of each news and I was surprised that 9 out 10 of them are negative expression. These people seem to be full of hatred and disappointment that they are venting it in the comment section. However, one thing is common about their words…they are all blaming and complaining.

If we want to improve ourselves whether spiritually, financially or in other aspect, we need to focus on what can we do for ourselves. Blaming others for our misery will accomplish nothing. It will temporary vent our anger but it will consume us to the point that we can not do more productive things.

Initially, I complain a lot of things and blame other people because I am poor. I hate the government for corrupting that leads to our country dwindling into poverty. I hate the companies who give very little salary. I hate the supermarket because of the inflating prices of consumable goods…Hate, hate, hate…constantly whining because I have no money and feel so miserable. But do my whining leads to improving my financial status? Definitely not.

Then I read the famous poem written by a disable person called “Invictus”…it is also the central theme of the movie by Clint Eastwood with the same title. I copy the most important excerpt and post it in my room and in my office, below is the excerpt:
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul

This became one of my official motto in improving my finances. I stop complaining and find ways how to improve my life.
• I have low salary. I find extra job like tutorials. I work hard in my day job and my boss started noticing it and gives me salary increase.
• I have no savings. I started budgeting, did cost-cutting measures and push myself to save.
• I have no knowledge about investing. I do self-study about financial management, stocks, and other investment and I did it without spending.
• I want to have a bountiful future. I started investing and continuously do it.

Everyone has the power to control its own destiny only if they ACT. So if you feel miserable now because of your status, ask yourself what you must do to improve my life. If you find the answer then do it. You may not be able to change the world but you can definitely change your own life.

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