GMA7 Company Review (FY 2010) Part 1

GMA Network, Inc. or GMA7 is a media broadcasting company incorporated in June 1950. The company is primarily involved in television and radio broadcasting, the production of programs for domestic and international audiences, and other related businesses.

Business Details:
The following are GMA7's holdings in its principal subsidiaries and affiliates as of Dec. 31, 2010:

1. GMA News Media, Inc. (NMI) - (100% owned) converging technology.

2. Citynet Network Marketing and Productions, Inc. - (100%) television entertainment production.
3. GMA Network Films, Inc. - (100%) film production.
4. GMA Worldwide (Philippines), Inc. - (100%) International marketing, handling foreign program acquisitions and international syndication of the Company's programs.
5. GMA Records - (100%) Music recording, publishing and video distribution.
6. Scenarios, Inc. - (100%) Design, construction and maintenance of sets for TV, stage plays and concerts.
7. Script2010, Inc. - (100%) Design, construction and maintenance of sets for TV, stage plays and concerts.
8. Alta Productions Group, Inc. - (100%) Pre- and post- production services.
9. GMA Marketing & Productions, Inc. - (100%) Exclusive marketing and sales arm of GMA's airtime.
10. Mediamerge Corporation - (100%) Business development and operations for the Company's online publishing/advertising initiatives.
11. INQ7 Interactive, Inc. - (50%) A joint multimedia news and information delivery company of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and GMA.
12. Philippine Entertainment Portal, Inc. (PEP) - (50%) Operation of, an entertainment portal.
13. X-Play Online Games, Inc. - (50%) A partnership between IPVG Corp. and GMA New Media, Inc. which focuses on designing, operating and maintaining casual online gaming and casual online gaming-related portals.
14. Mont-Aire Realty and Development Corp. - (49%) A real estate holding company
15. RGMA Network, Inc. - (49%) General management programming, research and event management services for the Company's radio stations.

Business Perfomance:

Revenues for 2010 increased by 4% compared to previous year. Channel 7 remained the lifeblood of the company contributing 85% of total revenues.
The Net Income of GMA7 in 2010 increased by only 0.1%. The flat net income despite the increase in revenue was due to the non-recurring expenses for the election coverage.
Take note however, that for the last 10 years, the compounded annual growth rate in terms of net income stood at a remarkable 28%.

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