Definitive Guide to Wealth Building for Common Filipinos

Is it possible for a common Filipino to became wealthy? This is the question that most Filipinos are asking themselves everyday. The answer is a big YES because if other's can then why can't YOU!

There's wealth for everyone in the Philippines
If all people in the world, were ask if they want to become rich, everyone will surely answer "yes" for sure. But only few people will take action so only these few will become wealthy. The formula to wealth building can be summarize in the formula below:
Income - Expenses = Wealth

Very simple yet not everyone can fully understand this equation. To become rich you need to take action and do the following:

1. Increase your INCOME
Everyday, I hear in the news about people complaining about not finding their job and badmouthing the government. There's no question that corruption in our government are rampant but take note that it is not the government that will find a job and work for you to have a salary. It was YOU. The problem with those jobless people are they are so PICKY and LAZY. There's no bad job for as long as it is legal and you will be paid doing it.

If you have a low income job, find additional job (part-time) to supplement or change to a higher paying work. Tip: The best way to land on a good paying job is through EDUCATION and even you don't have money you can earn knowledge.

2. Lower your EXPENSES
To be able to lower your expenses, you need to know your NEEDS. "Needs" are things that you must buy to survive like food, clothes, water, electricity, house and etc. Anything that can be omitted without killing yourself is NON-ESSENTIAL or LUXURY. A branded bag or daily meal in a restaurant is an example of luxury.

If the cost of you needs are higher than your income then you must find a way to increase your income, of course in a legal way. Then, live frugally by cutting on the non-essential expenses. Remeber the formula to be able to build wealth, Expenses should be less than your Income.

3. INVEST your savings
If your income is consistently higher than your expenses, then savings will be accumulated. This is the seed of your wealth. Invest it to grow. The more you save and invest the more your wealth will grow.

Take these action and your dream of becoming rich will definitely come true.

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