BPI Launches Online Method of Investing In Mutual Fund and UITF

Great news to all BPI account holder! BPI finally launches its online service for investing in UITF (Trust Fund) and Mutual Fund.

It's more than how your assets perform at maximum.

The said services can be accessed by logging in to their website www.bpiexpressonline.com so one must have a BPI Saving Account and online access.  From there on, one can choose in various fund offered by the BPI Asset Management Group.
The full online service includes the following:

1. Open a new investment fund account. 
2. View the portfolio together with your savings account(s) and credit card(s).
3.  Subscribe or buy shares in mutual fund or units in trust fund. 
4. Redeem or sell shares and units of the fund. 

Note that the amount of subscribed shares/units will be automatically deducted to the nominated savings account of the investor. The same way, sale of shares/units will proceed to the nominated savings account

BPI management gave assurances that online transactions will be secured as it will be backed by the bank's tried and tested systems. 

This service is very ideal for all busy people and OFW who have no time to visit the bank to open an account and whenever they need to do investing transaction (buying and selling of funds).

In addition to this service, BPI also launches the BPI Asset Management Website (http://www.bpiassetmanagement.com). 

BPI was second largest bank in the Philippines in terms of assets (P485 million) under management as of 2010. 

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